The Siena Helm offers a ¾ back with incorporated or removable head rest.

With or without a knee roll option, that folds up onto the seat for standing while steering.

The arms fold up parallel to the back for easy access.

It reclines 12 degrees with lock and can move FWD and AFT with various increments of lock.

The footrest features a solid teak base surrounded by stainless steel, it is designed to fold into itself.

It rotates 360 degrees on a gas pedestal and travels 200mm from its lowest point and can be locked.

The entire structure is made from 316 stainless steel and aluminium.

The chair can be cabinet mounted with manual or electric Slide.

The chair is suitable for saloon or flybridge.

Our Siena Range Helm Chairs can be custom made to suit your requirements.

Siena Chairs